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Its been a while…

Time has flown by and we have moved twice since Fort Stewart Georgia. I should have wrote about our stay in Tampa. Loved the people we met there. Maybe, the reason I did not blog that move was because I started working. (haha! I was lazy and forgot!) Tampa Fl. is a beautiful place to live for the amount of time we had there (April 2012-June 2013). My husband got hand pick to be the 1SGT of Centcom on McDill AFB. Using CSM Grippe’s phrase its like living “La Viva Loca!” at this base. He is so right! Ok… absolutely stunning view on Bayshore Blvd. It did not feel like we were going to work at all at times.  Every, morning and early evenings we both drove into and off work together and saw the beautiful bay. Seeing all the fit and not so fit people running and walking up and down the Bayshore strip. Like I mentioned a couple sentences, both morning and evening drives were stunning because of the sunrises and sunsets refections off the ocean. I can see why, there are always people exercising taking pictures, admiring the cruise ships going by, and watching the dolphins jump out of the water.  It surely was nice to work so close by the ocean. I have to say the only draw back was the Tampa traffic… Talk about bad! Besides, that it was not that awful living in Tampa (actually in Brandon Fl). We, had a wonderful surprise while our stay in Tampa! Tom’s son Damian came into our life and lived with us for 8 months. I felt I gained a son and he was so respectful towards me! He is a perfect step son in my eyes. He enlisted into the Marines and is succeeding like his dad! Not a surprise.

Moving forward to the present we are now stationed at Fort Bliss! In El Paso Tx! Goodness, what a change from Florida! When you arrive here you know why they call it Bliss. Hubby got selected to attend The Sergeant Major Academy last Aug/Sept 2012! Now, he is near the end of schooling and let me tell you he busted his butt in studying. This school was no walk in the park! He was doing the academies work plus taking two college classes at night. I have to say he did it and got his BA in business! So, proud of him! I have to add my little accomplishment I got certified as a dental assistant during this tour! Took the Texas State Board and passed! Not only am I certified, I am Licensed! Whoop!!! Never, did I think I could go back to school and get another skill. I have to thank my husband for letting me go back and pushing me when I was weak, my parents for all their encouragements and my wonderful son who that kept me going, when I thought i could not! 

In a nutshell, El Paso is beautiful for their mountains, and for their blue skies. At night you can see the border of Mexico and all the twinkling city  lights down the valley. We visited a American Legion post one night located up a mountain near a place called Cannon. At night you could see almost all of El Paso’s city lights! Talk about breath taking! We stood there looking at the amazing view for a long time.  This is something you can not see in Florida since it is so flat there. The down side here is the really dry weather and dust. We are always coughing or sneezing, just basically sick all the time. I have never seen my husband sick this much. I keep breaking out in rash on my neck. Its the dry heat here, I tell ya! ARGH!  The first time I actually saw a tumble weed and sand wind tunnels (seeing a wind tunnel I automatically thought of the cartoon with the Tasmanian Devil!) was here in El Paso, of course I was like a kid and thought it was amazing! The Mexican food here is great of course, everywhere you turn there is a Mexican restaurant. Other than that food here is mediocre. 

I have to add nothing is like home (Orange Park, Fl) I miss it so bad! My family and friends! Mostly, my son because I feel like I am missing so much of his High School life! Btw… I will give an update on his NF2 on a later date. I miss my parents also but they understand military life! I can not believe, that I wished I could travel all over the world and my wish came true. So, they are right about that saying: “be careful what you wish for, because it may come true”.  I am living it now and loving it but hating it at the same time.  I feel so guilty for leaving my son behind. I wanted him to experience this life I grew up knowing as a child because of my dad being in the military too. I know he is in good hands with his biological dad. Plus, his doctors are there in Florida and he is rooted there with all his friends and cousins from his dad’s side. He has formed a bond with his cousins on that side of family that is so tight with family! I am so happy that they love and care about him unconditionally. I could not have asked for anything better. The Lee and Sutton cousins have embraced him with so much love, it makes me cry with joy!  Now, my biggest wish is for a CURE to stop the growth of all NF tumors. Not only for him but for everyone that has these stupid tumors.

That is about it for now. I have inserted some pictures below with brief descriptions. I will blog one more time before we leave to his next assignment! Which will be around June 2014…. 

Father and son… Damian’s graduation at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina  April 2013


Gavin before we left to El Paso Tx. I love this klddo so much! 


** Remember these are my thoughts so I really do not care about my grammar. **

Below CSM Frank Grippe visit to USASMA, always putting him on the spot!